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First of all, thank you so much for visiting my page!

A brief intro about me: I am a Japanese-Brazilian artist, born in the city of São Paulo, Brazil (as you may be aware, Brazil has the largest population of Japanese descents outside of Japan). However, I lived a great part of my childhood in Tokyo, Japan. I have a bachelor's degree in Design and did a Masters in Fashion in Lisbon, Portugal. I had the opportunity of living in different countries and, more recently, in Singapore (before returning to Brazil).

For my projects, my inspiration comes from the intersection between women and nature, and I also add influences from the countries where I lived. Organic shapes, movement and colors are aspects that I strive to show with my style.

I aspire to propose new ways for people to interact with common spaces, transforming regular spots into catalysts for imagination. In the last years, aside doing paintings and residential projects, I was able to partner with brands such as Starbucks, Google, Bvlgari, BASF, Shiseido, Koleston, Lisbon Fashion Week, among others, for artistic projects.

You can follow my work (and day-to-day) on Instagram @camilagondo. Feel free to send me a message over DM or a email to hello@camilagondo.com.br -- I love to discuss all sorts of subjects. Who knows? Maybe we can end up working together in a new project!

Thanks again for your visit!

Stay safe and all the best, Camila


Starbucks - SP

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Residência - SP